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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00002781   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2016-07-10Allow full zone access from "DNS Administration" in the panel
  00002492   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2016-07-10améliore la synthèse d'une archive de ML
  00002811   [vhffs-users]
minorclosed (gradator)2016-07-10Problem in encoding of subject of posts on mailing list
  000028241 [vhffs-users]
majorclosed (gradator)2016-05-06Les liens des numéros de page de la partie publique ne fonctionnent pas
  00002641   [vhffs-admin]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-24Pacman tagging
  00002431   [vhffs-admin]
-- other --
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-24It would be nice to modify several users at once in ML interface
  00002161   [vhffs-dev]
minorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-24La valeur de retour des Vhffs::Service::XXX::create est inutilisée
  00002771   [vhffs-dev]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-24Vhffs::Services::MailingList::commit does not check if SQL query failed
  00002501   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-24add a link to summary of ML in thread/date index
  00002801   [vhffs-admin]
-- other --
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23missing linke to ACL help
  00001922   [vhffs-users]
blockclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Internel Serveur Error sur le panel
  00001911   [vhffs-users]
blockclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Internel Serveur Error sur le panel
  00001831   [vhffs-users]
minorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Montrer/Cacher peu efficace
  00001051   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (soda)2015-02-23ajouter la gestion du https
  00000831   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Pas de thème sur la page "No cookie found"
  00002013   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Envoi de courriel de confirmation lors d'une inscription, via le panel, à une liste de diffusion.
  00001981   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
textclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Reformulation d'avertissement
  00001931   [vhffs-users]
tweakclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Affichage de la release sur le panel
  00001451   [vhffs-users]
trivialclosed (kiouk)2015-02-23probleme d'ergonomie triviale pour certains textarea
  00002071   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
minorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Impossible de supprimer un groupe nouvellement créé
  00002002   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Tri alphabétique des listes de diffusion
  00001991   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
textclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23typo dans courriel de confirmation
  00002172   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
majorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Erreur lors du lancement du robot de suppression de ML
  00002151   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
blockclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23erreur 500 sur la page des groupes
  00002131   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
blockclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23erreur lors de la création d'un site web :
  00001971   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
minorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Captcha trop faible
  00002141   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
majorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Adresses email en clair
  00002111   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Surveillance d'un bogue par son rapporteur
  00001903   [vhffs-users]
blockclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Internel Serveur Error sur le panel
  00001592   [vhffs-users]
trivialclosed (gradator)2015-02-23mailing-list : pouvoir déclarer en masse
  00001941   [vhffs-users]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Erreur lors de la modification de l'état d'un objet Mysql
  00001871   [vhffs-admin]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23packages for amd64
  00001811   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Indiquer les groupes associés
  00001401   [vhffs-users]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Création d'un sous domaine d'un sous domaine
  00001141   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Caracteres accentues refuses lors de la creation mais pas apres
  00002061   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
minorclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Impossible de supprimer un groupe nouvellement créé
  00002031   [vhffs-users]
tweakclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Barre de navigation haut de page
  00001841   [vhffs-dev]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23dump_mysql.pl prevent other bots to run
  00001281   [vhffs-users]
tweakclosed (gradator)2015-02-23boutons sur la meme ligne dans le panel
  00002121   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Créer une adresse e-mail de contact par projet activable par le chef de projet
  00002102   [vhffs-dev]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Modifier le rapport de bogue que l'on a soumis
  00001112   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Pas d'historique global du projet
  00001731   [vhffs-users]
trivialclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Vers une validation aux normes, erreurs sur balise <meta ...
  00000611   [vhffs-users]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23personnaliser la 1ère connexion
  00001962   [vhffs-users]
-- other --
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23fenêtre d'aide à améliorer
  00001893   [vhffs-users]
textclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Problème de traduction
  00001741   [vhffs-users]
minorclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Vers une validation aux normes (2), erreurs sur lien, pas de &
  00002241   [vhffs-dev]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23ACL on groups
  00002231   [vhffs-dev]
featureclosed (Beuss)2015-02-23Mail catchall enable/disable, only to hosted boxes on the same domain
  00002221   [vhffs-dev]
featureclosed (gradator)2015-02-23Mail service need robots to create mailbox and to archives them
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